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Апатичная диарея - Уголок Школьника — LiveJournal
Апатичная диарея
А бывали ли вы, любезные френды, на SARS.com? Чудный сайтик, доложу вам. Всё начинается со следующего перла:
The interpretation of the old ancient books say that the Sars Disease can very well be from the revenge of the powerful forces of the nature getting back at the Chinese people for not putting enough pressure towards their government to give back the land (Tibet) that was taken away by force and bloodshed of the very innocent Tibetan people over 50 years ago back to the Dalai Lama and his existing suffering people so they can live in peace and harmony once again, The book also says for every year of the people whom live and suffer in exile the people whom caused it will suffer 10 times more.
Believe it or not

Продолжается обильно иллюстрированными призывами не ездить в Китай, Гонконг и Канаду. Но интереснее всего концовка - там досталось Verisign и Network Solutions. Я плакаль.
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